Why using VPN servers?

Top reasons to choose a private VPN server over basic internet connection.

  • Security
  • Bypass censorship
  • Download / Upload torrent files in privacy
  • Marketing
  • Access country specific broadcasts

Security is definitely among the most important priorities today. As casual internet user a huge portion of your traffic flows through free, public WiFi networks. Using the web for free is great, but comes with many risks.

Lets say you are visiting London, at the airport you can detect few similar networks.
– AirportFreeWiFi
– FreeWiFiAirport
– LondonAirport
– AirportLondon
Only one of them is official, the rest are sniffed and monitored networks, spread from the backpack of a hacker. His only goal is to get more and more people to use his network in order to collect personal information like credit card numbers, passwords, addresses and so on.
How can you tell which free network is legit?
– You can’t.

So instead of throwing away your data, use a VPN server, encrypt & lock your connection and browse the web in peace.

Nowadays, there are companies which can offer double encryption services. It means that once you connect to a VPN server, the connection between you and the server is encrypted and encapsulated, you begin using the web with the IP of that VPN server and just before it happens, the VPN server makes a new connection to another VPN server based elsewhere with another IP address.
The second server does the same as the first, encrypts. Now a request from the second is made to the web, the response (data) is received and sent back to you.
In this scenario it is extremely, nearly impossible for hackers to decode such high level of encryption.

Bypass censorship?
If you are living in politically oppressed country the news in your location are probably significantly more different than the news in other countries. By using a VPN server, you can literally switch your location with a single click. Just select another country from the list and your PC, Mac or mobile device will be virtually placed & based there.

Now you may use more sources to inform yourself and in addition you can access websites and services which by default are restricted or forbidden by your government.

Are you new in the industry? Fear not. Lots of professional online marketers use VPN servers to make customized marketing researches. Why? How?
Imagine that you are trying to rank a website that sells swimming pools and is capable to deliver them worldwide.
If you are currently in the United States and you do a search for the term “swimming pool” from USA and if you go to Australia to do¬† the same through google.com, you will see different results.
Search results are based on many factors & location. So if you want to make a deep investigation on how and why the competition is ranked, don’t fly to Australia, use a VPN and change your location. VPNs could also be used to perform location based research on high demand products and so on.

Download / Upload torrent files in privacy?
Right after your device connects to the VPN server, a custom, private & encrypted tunnel is being built and used between you and the VPN server. From now on, all data transferred between you and the web is hidden and well protected by the tunnel. Some VPN providers keep logs of your activity, but some don’t. You may use the web in complete privacy. Choose wisely and visit our compare section to learn more.